About the Project

In an ongoing effort to provide quality wireless service, T-Mobile has identified your community as one that will benefit from improved network coverage. 

Milestone Towers is proposing a wireless telecommunications facility near 2469 Castleton Commerce Way, Virginia Beach, VA 23456. 

The proposal is for a 150-foot monopole.  The antenna will be painted to match the pole and a compact, flush mount design will be utilized.
This will effectively reduce the standoff distance between antennas and make it appear as a standard light / utility pole.

Equipment required to operate the facility will be located at the base of the structure in a secure fenced area.

T-Mobile will be the first wireless carrier to locate on the proposed tower.

Update #4: The Conditional Use Permit (2023-PCCC-00075) was approved by the Planning Commission on 7/12/23 and will go before the City Council on Tuesday, August 16th, 2:00 pm.

Update #3: The Conditional Use Permit (2023-PCCC-00075) will go before the Planning Commission on Wednesday, July 12th, 12:00-5:00 pm.

Update #2: Please click here to view the online Town Hall presentation held on Wednesday, June 21st. 

Update #1: Online Town Hall: On Wednesday, June 21st @ 6:00 pm we will hold an online Town Hall consisting of a short presentation followed by a question and answer time. Registration is required and can be completed on the Town Hall page.

Our Process

1. Due Diligence 

Survey, FAA, FCC, NEPA, Phase 1, Geotechnical Analysis.

2. Land Use

Conditional Use Permit Application, Community Meeting, Staff Review, Planning Commission, City Council.

3. Permitting

Conduct Bid Walk, submit Site Plan and Building  permit applications.

4. Construction 

Tower construction = 4-6 weeks  | Carrier construction = 4-6 weeks on average

On-site supervision by Construction Manager 


5. Site Maintenance

Four visits per year for site maintenance | Remove trash, debris, check signage. 

2-4 visits per year for carrier modifications. 

About Us

With over 20 years experience, Milestone Towers is the leading developer of wireless infrastructure and cell towers in partnership with school, government and utility landowners.